Questions and Answers

Q: Can I order from you if I live outside of the UK and Europe?

A: Yes you can, although we will have to take into account various countries import considerations and a variation in the delivery charges. If you contact we can tailor the order to your circumstances.

Q: Can I order more than one set of Hokan Bowls?

A: Yes you can, however unfortunately at this time, we still have to charge each set/box at the individual delivery rate.

Q; How are the bowls packaged?

A: The ‘Set of 3’ are packaged into a purpose designed carton that will ensure the bowls safe delivery through the postal system. The box is also designed to be suitable to present the ‘set of 3’ as a gift, with each of the bowls and their lids, neatly positioned to offer the best effect when the box is opened.

Q: Can I buy Hokan Bowls in any shops?

A: We have just launched Hokan Bowls ‘Set of 3’ as a brand new product, so as yet the only place to buy them is via the website. We will be selling into retail in the Spring this year and we will let our subscribers and social media followers know when and where.

Q: Are there more colours?

A: For the moment we are launching the First Edition range in this spectacular cobalt blue.

Q: Can they go in the oven, microwave, fridge and freezer?

A: Yes they are made of stoneware and very robust. However, no stoneware should be taken directly out of the freezer and placed in a hot oven because it will crack. It, and its contents, must be left to reach room temperature first, or taken from the fridge before being placed in the oven.

Q: Can they be put on a hob or under a grill?

A: No. Once again any stoneware product cannot be put on, or under direct heat or it will crack.

Q: What size are they?

A: The volume of the small is 400ml, the medium 600ml and the large is 1 Litre.

Q: What are their dimensions?

A: They are all 15cm in diameter and the lids are the same size, fitting all bowls. The volumes of each change with their height; so the small is 5.5cm high (with the lid on 8cm high) , the medium 8cm high (with the lid on 10.5cm high) and the large is 10.5 cm high (with the lid on 13cm high).

Q: Can you cook with the lid on?

A: Yes. With the lid on, the heat is kept in and along with the shape of the bowl, helps cook the contents evenly throughout, especially when reheating leftovers. When baking bread or a souffle it is best to keep the lid off, so that it can rise.

Q: Are the guidelines for reheating leftover foods?

A: Good question! There are Government produced guidelines that are well worth looking at given out on websites by the Food Standards Agency near you.