About us

Hokan is a British based company that is passionate about making our busy lives simpler in the kitchen. We are committed through good design and functional products to provide for a way of life that fulfils our ethos of conscientious cooking and efficient living.

Hokan Bowls are designed by Alistair Donald. Having two sons, he realised he had to do more to make his time in the kitchen more efficient and to reduce the amount of edible food he was throwing away (the UK throws away over 7 million tonnes of food and drink each year).

By designing the 'Set of 3' he created a kitchen aid that he could use from the fridge to the oven to the table; he was able to prepare individual meals in advance that he could cook up later, when home from work or school. And because everything was prepared, cooked and then served or eaten from the same bowl, there was less washing up too!

The ways to cook, bake, serve and store seem endless, check out our instagram account for ideas - let us know what you use them for.